Storing olive cake

Storing olive cake

Olive cake in closed storages
Biomass belongs to the class of products in which respiration processes are suspended, but in which biochemical, microbial and other decomposition processes still proceed.Care of the cargo must be aimed at limiting the autoxidation process and so preventing possible self-heating of the product.

The most important in olive cake closed storages is ventilation. It should be always provided adequate ventilation in the storage area. Due to the explosive potential of dust, ventilation systems and equipment should be kept clean at all times (method of good housekeeping). Also   should  be prevented accumulation of dust near electrical or other ignition sources to avoid combustion.  Storage should be provided with mechanical ventilation not by air conditioner.

Since olive cake produces carbon  monoxide  ( CO)  it can be toxic for the human being in very low concentrations. Normally closed  storage should be equipped by sensors of monoxide of carbon. Also you should never enter in a closed  storage area without a personal CO detection monitor.If the CO level in the storage is unclear it should be entered by people wearing gas masks.

Olive cake stored outside

First of all it  should be  mentioned that it is better  to store olive cake  in conic piles to prevent getting wet. When it is raining olive cake gets wet not deeper than on  5-7 cm depth . After getting wet olive cake forms a strong layer that becomes hydrophobic and protects  the rest of the material of getting wet deeply inside. Because of this layer sometimes there  can be found  lumps of  OC in the material.  Moisture content does not increase when keeping OC under the open sky. If during the loading the ground is wet and close to the pile  there are puddles, it is convenient to make cuts leaving wet olive cake to prevent further soaking.

The volume of olive cake can vary according to the weather conditions, if the product is stored long time outside with a dry weather, the moisture content decreases. Once we have  worked with one olive cake producer who wrote a note of protest because of the discrepancy of  the volume loaded compared to the volume that supposed to be in the port was smaller. Producer  complained that some quantity  of olive cake have  disappeared. During  dry weather the moisture decreases and correspondingly the product volume decreases, that it is actually very good because of the better stowage factor and the increasing  of calorific value.